Same Day Crown FAQ’s

Same Day Crown FAQ’s

There is a recent buzz about same day crowns in the dental field. The option of obtaining a crown in one visit is an attractive alternative to traditional crowns for many patients. While there are similarities between the two, there are also a lot of differences to consider, which leads to many questions.

Typical questions about same day crowns

What is a same day crown?

A same day crown is just as it sounds. It is made using a special machine that takes a graph model of the tooth on a computer, replacing the need for an impression. The small machine receives the template and then fabricates the crown out of a block of ceramic. Same day crowns got their name because the process takes place during one dentist visit.

Who needs a same day crown?

People with severely damaged teeth may need a crown. Teeth that are cracked or chipped usually receive crowns. In some cases, tooth decay may necessitate the placement of a crown, especially if it is so excessive that a regular filling cannot properly seal the tooth. Toothaches, sensitivity or pain, especially while eating or drinking, are all signs to call the dentist for diagnosis and to determine whether a crown is needed or not.

Does it look natural?

One of the many benefits of a same day crown is that it appears completely natural. Dentists design the crown to be the same color as the patient's other natural teeth, so it blends in with the rest of the teeth.

Pros and cons of a same day crown


Probably the most obvious advantage of a same day crown is the elimination of the long wait for a permanent crown. In addition to saving time, it also lessens the risk of infection that can occur if a temporary crown falls out before the permanent placement of the actual crown. A same day crown also does not use the usual impression materials, which taste terrible.

Another benefit of a same day crown is that it contours to the mouth both in shape and in color. A patient will be able to walk out of an office with a confident smile, as the tooth blends in seamlessly.


Even though there are some benefits, there are also downsides to a same day crown as well. One major downside to this type of crown is that it is not as strong as ones fabricated in a dental laboratory. Same day crowns are ceramic, which is weaker than other traditional crown materials such as metal and porcelain. Therefore, the structure of the crown is more fragile, which could lead to an increased chance of cracking or breaking.

Same day crowns may not be an option if a tooth fracture extends beneath the gumline. The camera used to scan the tooth cannot view far beyond the gumline and cannot fix those issues. An incomplete scan could result in a faulty crown or one that does not adequately address the problem.

Choose the right crown

A same day crown is a wonderful option for those who need a dental crown but do not want to wait the two weeks for a traditional crown. While a same day crown may be a bit weaker than the conventional option, it has an all-natural look and feel and can last a long time if taken care of properly.

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